How To Look Expensive On A Budget

One of the great things about fashion is that it is versatile, just the smallest detail can change a whole look. Remove one piece and you can take a professional outfit from day to night. Add something and you can make that hot number into something meant for Sunday brunch. The perfect outfit can make you feel beautiful, sexy, and even powerful. Even on a budget, a chic classic look is attainable. Styling and attention to detail can make a regular outfit look expensive.

Find Clothes that Fit

While it may seem like a boring tip, it is one of the most important. Clothes that do not fit are the quickest way to look cheap. Get rid of the shirt with the gap at the bust and the blazer with the too short sleeves. The same can be said for oversized clothing. If you cannot resist a great deal on a pair of extra long pants, put in the effort to get them hemmed. Spend a little extra time getting your measurements to ensure pieces fit well and are flattering.

Invest in Good Lingerie

Good lingerie can make a good outfit look fabulous and make you feel amazing underneath. Nothing distracts from an outfit more than panty lines, or lack of support on top. Invest in quality, long lasting underwear that fits well as a compliment to that perfect ensemble. Research some quality shape wear as well to minimize any bumps or bulk. Lumpy distractions can ruin any expensive dress, where as smooth silhouette can make an inexpensive one look absolutely luxurious.  

Timeless Pieces

Stock up on a few classic pieces that are worth a bit more as wardrobe staples. A little black dress, a well fitting blazer, a tailored white button down, black heels or ballet flats. Other essential items are a sleek pair of jeans, a designer structured bag, a lux turtleneck and a pair of pointed toe shoes. A good pair of jeans is number one Michiana wardrobe consultant, Kathy Friends list.  Find “something a little sassy, boot cut or flared. I suggest finding something with a bold contrast stitch on the inside of the leg,” recommends Friend. Splurge on these items and use less expensive and transitional items to fill in your wardrobe.

Replace Little Detail Items

Anyone who has even a remote interest in fashion knows that little details are a big deal. Swap out cheap items like plastic belts or buttons with lusher looking replacements. Charles Manning, Senior Style Editor at Cosmopolitan recommends buying them “online through sites like eBay or Etsy, or from ‘trimmings’ shops. You can even harvest them from old clothes you don't wear anymore. Most dry cleaners will do it for a few bucks.”

Invest in Versatile Accessories

“How to use accessories is the final step in pulling together a perfect outfit; and it’s the step that stumps most of us. We don’t want to look like we are trying too hard or even worse look like we are trying at all,” explains Friend. While they don’t have to be expensive or designer, quality accessories make a good outfit great. The perfect pair of quality high heels, a set of classic bangles, or a lavish clutch will compliment your outfit if done correctly. Be careful to really look at yourself once dressed and evaluate. Is it too much, or is something missing? Does it make a statement, or make the outfit look cheap?

Take Care of Your Things

Follow the instructions on the label, they are there for a reason. If it requires dry cleaning, have it dry cleaned. If it doesn’t need to be washed don’t wash it. “Washing clothes wears down the fabrics and fades the colors, making them look old and cheap. If you get a mark on a piece of clothing, spot clean it with a sponge or toothbrush. If something starts to smell, stick it in the freezer for the night,” said Manning. Ensure your clothing is freshly pressed, ironed, or steamed. Again, pay attention to the details make sure your bags and shoes are free of scuffs and dirt.

Stay Classy

When dressing, stay classy with only hints of sexy. Whether in a professional setting or out for a night on the town, use caution when showing skin. Heed your grandmother’s advice here, if your blouse in low cut ensure the bottom half is covered and vice versa.

Stay Fresh

Good grooming sends a message that you care about you and that you are worth it.  When you take care of your hair, skin, and nails it promotes confidence on the inside, which shows on the outside.

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