Creating Your Utimate Dream Bedroom

The world can be rough. Days full of deadlines, chaotic traffic, screaming kids and emotional co-workers can leave us drained. Coming home at the end of the day should be a reprieve from all the craziness in our little worlds.  If our homes are our comfort zones, then our bedrooms are our sanctuaries. Unfortunately, if you have an unorganized bedroom or have fallen out of love with the décor, your room may not be the retreat it was meant to be. An organized and fresh bedroom can help you to feel relaxed and sleep better. If you are ready to create the sanctuary that you finally deserve, or are just craving a change, follow these tips on how to pull together the ultimate dream bedroom space.

Gather Inspiration

One of the worst ways to begin your process would be to dive in headfirst without being inspired. Research is important in everything from work projects to interior design. This can include the obvious, flipping through magazines and pouring through Pinterest, but you can also get a little creative. Physically go to your favorite stores and look at their displays. Something as simple as one luxurious pillow can be the whole inspiration for your new room. Make notes about things that seem to speak to you over and over again.  You may love the bohemian style, but if constantly find yourself drawn to crisp spa like rooms then that is something to consider.

Incorporate what you have

Make a list of what every bedroom needs and what you want in a room. Then take stock of what you already have. Using items already in your arsenal not only saves money, it also ensures that your new room will reflect you. This is a good time to think about limitations. Be realistic and really consider factors that can take away from your goals. Timing, budget and space are all things that turn your new room into an epic fail if not thoroughly considered before hand.

Choose a color

Refer back to your inspiration here and review the colors that you are repeatedly drawn to. Obviously what you like is a big factor when deciding on bedroom color. However, there is more to it than that according to Carley Canarecci, Interior Designer and Design Consultant for Ethan Allen of Mishawaka. “When it comes to choosing paint colors the size of the room matters. If you’re working with a larger bedroom that boasts lots of natural light, any color option from light to dark is open to play with. If you’re working with a small room that has no natural light, the lighter the color the better, Canarecci explains. If you have a small room but really want dark colors look into a potential accent wall or “add darker items in for added contrast and interest,” recommends Canarecci. If you want a romantic or glamorous go for a darker color, but if your room is small find a lighter variation. Since your bedroom should be a tranquil place for rest, avoid bright and high-energy colors.


Your bed is literally the focal point of your bedroom, it should be a showpiece, but also comfortable. Whatever you choose for your headboard and frame just make sure it is in line with the rest of the rooms style. If you want the perfect oasis invest in a good but affordable mattress. While comfort is the number one goal, styling is important as well. If needed, use a bed skirt and remember that not all great sheets have a high thread count or have to be super expensive. Find out what works for you and have fun with your bedding. Use lots of layers to create that perfect Pottery Barn style. Let your personality show in your sheets and fun details like pillows. Don’t hesitate to go overboard with your pillows, you can never have too many.


Aside from the bed, lighting is one of the more important elements of a bedroom. Once again you’ll have to work with your theme here. If your room is full on glamour look into some crystal chandeliers.  If you are thinking modern minimalist go for wall lamps installed near your headboard. Whatever style you choose Carly recommends mixing it up. “The challenge is making lighting both attractive and functional. Have chandelier and lamp lighting that way when you want to change the feel of the room you can do it easily by turning on or off certain fixtures. Task lighting is the specific goal here. If you have areas you want to use a computer or read in, lamps are golden. If you have an area with a table, lighting from the ceiling is prime real estate because you don’t want to take up room on the task area and it adds a focal point to the space.” Whatever light fixtures you choose, make sure you use soft light bulbs to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.


Fine details are important in interior design, especially when it comes to your room. If you have hardwood floors find a luxurious rug to step onto in the morning. Use fresh flowers and greenery. Hang art or photos that truly reflect you. Find window treatments that reflect your room, yet make it feel open.

Forget the fads... or not

A lot of designers recommend staying classic with bedroom décor and avoiding trends. However, Canarecci says it is all about personal preference. “In the design world, everything is a passing trend. Every trend eventually comes back around. The key here is whether or not you want to be keeping up with the trends. If you always want to keep up with the biggest trend, then it is worth the time and money. If you only want it for the trend and don’t truly love that look then it wouldn’t be worth it.”

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