Love Your Neighbor

Give Good Cheer This Season

Temperatures are dropping and that means we start to look for ways to keep our bodies and our hearts warm. Sending warm wishes is something that comes naturally to many, but we also want to warm up our homes by opening to our loved ones and provide for them.

It also forces us to realize others don’t have that we have, and it ignites an overall spirit of giving back to causes and people that pull at our heart strings. Whether our motivations are related to participating in church activities, organization or club activities, or personal draws…as long as we are benefitting another, it is a worthy cause.

Giving at every level is important, and finding the level that either pushes you out of one’s comfort zone or puts you right into it is important. Here’s a few things to keep in mind as you explore your options this fall and winter!

Do Your Research

Doing research on where the donations you give is important. It’s easy to give to something to raise awareness, but see if it goes towards more than that and can fund a cause in a deeper way as well.

For Sassy Magazine’s Glitz & Sass 2016 Holiday Fashion Show on November 9, 2016, a portion of the proceeds goes to the American Heart Association’s (AHA) Go Red for Women.

 “The money we raise locally in Indiana provides lifesaving funds for research, education and advocacy in our communities,” said Laura Guy, Director of the American Heart Association. “Since 2001, the American Heart Association has directed over $1.8 million to local research programs at both the University of Notre Dame and Indiana University School of Medicine. We are currently providing more than $5 million to fund 31 studies at Indiana research institutions,” explained Guy of how the money is used in the state of Indiana to further their cause locally.

Furthermore, “The AHA has launched a number of education programs and materials in the community. We work to educate our local healthcare community on the latest research advances to provide care to you and your family,” said Guy. They also provide “CPR Anytime” kids in select schools in the Michiana area.  

Small Gifts DO Matter

Donations to charity auctions and raffles is a way to give to a cause or an organization that you support, without losing a huge amount of capital. Donating a certificate for a service of a certain value, or a gift package of a company’s goods, gives an item for others to place a bid on.

In the end, you are donating the value and the ability to provide something in exchange for a money value someone else is able to foot the capital that will go to the fundraiser.


Finding local operations that need an extra hand, somewhere to volunteer by offering to teach a class, sharing a type of art or education is important to the betterment of the community. Reaching out to local non-profits is a good way to find a way to find volunteer opportunities and ways to give your time or skills. Volunteering in church or soup kitchens that may need an extra hand is also another opportunity to get in touch and make a personal difference in someone’s day.

For example, the Center for the Homeless in South Bend has a long list of opportunities to volunteer in various capacities at the center, from front desk to childcare to assisting in adult education.

Attending Local Events

Sometimes a party is the best way to get people behind a cause and raise money, and for some it’s the way they are comfortable giving. They are a great way to raise a larger donation amount from a sponsor to the beneficiary.

Events like Sassy’s own “Glitz and Sass Fashion Show 2016” and the local gathering of local talents and those from large companies involved in the Center for the Homeless’s event “Lipsync With Our Stars” raise money for causes in our community while attending a  fabulous party.

The “Glitz and Sass Fashion Show 2016” showcases local boutiques and fashion forward businesses, combined with a red carpet arrival, cocktails, hos d’oeurves, fashion show and prize drawing of fantastic prizes at the Morris Inn that benefits the local efforts of the AHA.

“Lipsync with our Stars” is an event styled around popularized lipsync battles to well known songs. According to the release from the Center for the Homeless, “Local community leaders have accepted the challenge to channel their favorite music artist and show off their lipsync skills to benefit the residents of the Center for the Homeless, the region’s largest residential homeless facility.

“We are so grateful for our participants!” said Steve Camilleri, Executive Director for the Center.

“The proceeds support the 250 men, women, and children and Veterans who call the Center home,” the release said.  

Giving With Love Is What Is Most Important

Not everyone is able to attend large events to raise money, and giving change to those raising money in donation jars is also important. Spare change adds up, as we all know from having a swear jar in the house or a piggy bank in a child’s room that goes uncounted for a year or so. Donating the old clothes, winter wear, boots and blankets in good condition to the local thrift shop can help keep others warm this season.

Making that phone call to your parents or sibling or distant cousin is important, as the holidays can be a source of stress to those around us that we may miss in the twinkling of the lights.

No matter how you choose to give back this holiday season, it will surely brighten someone’s season. Don’t forget to share your warm wishes with those close to you in the community, and sometimes just being neighborly and clearing the extra few feet of sidewalk can make a difference in someone’s day, and if that’s all the extra effort it can take, why not go ahead with it?

Spread the cheer!

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