CAPS Superhero 5k

This Saturday over 700 people supported CAPS-Child And Parent Services 3rd Annual Superhero 5k and Sidekicks Fun Run despite the chilly weather. CAPS Superhero 5k is a family fun event held in Elkhart County in honor of National Child Abuse Awareness Month. The race was held in Downtown Elkhart at the Civic Plaza at 9am with participants dressed in their favorite superhero costumes. The outreach event honors a Superhero in Elkhart County every year that is fighting to end child abuse in Elkhart.  This year’s Superhero is Brian Replogle. Brian Replogle is a former CAPS Board Member who is raising his nephew Austin who suffers from Shaken Baby Syndrome. Brian adopted Austin and has dedicated the past 17 years to teaching others about Shaken Baby Syndrome, in the hopes that no other child has to endure the effects of this tragedy that Austin faces every day.

“Brian’s story is a reminder that we must all come together to help prevent child abuse in Elkhart County. We each have a responsibly as community members to help children live happy, carefree lives,” stated CEO Candy Yoder.

This family event is full of fun, music and most importantly provides an opportunity for the community to join CAPS in its mission of keeping kids safe from abuse and neglect while encouraging strong families. Kids get an opportunity to join in on the fun with the Sidekick Kids Fun Run and take pictures with the super-powered team from Elkhart's own Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum.                                                                    

“This event is about reaching more families throughout Elkhart County and beyond as well as sharing CAPS and what we do as an organization,” stated Event Specialist Claire Guy Powell.  All proceeds from the race benefit the CAPS mission of keeping kids safe from abuse and neglect.

CAPS is a non-profit organization in Elkhart County ensuring that every child lives a life free from abuse and neglect. CAPS accomplishes this through education, advocacy, and intervention with families and the community to support safe, stable, nurturing relationships for all children.

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