This Year’s Spring Fashion

How To Do The Trends right!

The Trend - Bold Stripes

One of the big trends of the season is bold stripes. And by ‘bold’, I mean cabana bright colorful stripes!  In the past we’ve heard wearing stripes doesn’t do anyone’s figure any favors, this simply isn’t true. The larger the stripe, the more flattering it can be.

Key to doing the trend right: Choose a stripe that is in-line with your stature. If you are petite, be sure the bold stripe is a smaller width. Also remember to keep the attention of the stripe to a flattering zone of your silhouette.  If you want to draw attention away from your hips, keep the stripe above the waist. If your goal is to accentuate your waist, look for a monochromatic stripe (like black and white), with an accent stripe at the waist (like bright yellow). 

The Trend – Trench Coat

Yes, the classic tan trench coat is HUGE this season. It might be time to dig deep in your coat closet and get your ‘good-ol-standby’ dusted off!  This trend is something you can invest in, because clearly the trench coat will never go out of style!  Some of the edgy looks we are seeing this season include the traditional double breasted style done in interesting colors; or a typical tan trench with fashion-forward details like wide belts or patch-cargo style pockets.

Key to doing the trend right: The first thing to consider is if khaki is a good color for you!  Not everyone can wear this hue; and if that’s you, look for a trend style coat done in a cabana stripe or one of the other fun bright colors of the season.

Be mindful of how long the trench is. For petite gals, longer styles can be overwhelming. Be sure the length doesn’t go much past your kneecap.

The Trend - Shoulders

Open (or cold) shoulder styles have been around for several years. The difference with this season’s trends is the overwhelming one-shoulder vibe. Remember the movie Flashdance? Yes…that kind of one-shoulder look. The feeling in this shoulder bearing trend seems to fall on all side of the spectrum from cold-shoulder to almost falling off the shoulder looks. Of course, this trend is best left to a casual look or evening attire and is best not worn into the office.

Key to doing the trend right: If you have great arms and shoulders, this trend is for you!  Try it with a bralette and skinny skirt or pant.

If you aren’t one to show off your arms and shoulders, opt for a cold-shoulder look. Get this look right by keeping your style sophisticated; pair this silhouette with something more tailored and great accessories.

The Trend - Kitschy Tees and Sweatshirts

You know the t-shirts that say funny things like “Fries before Guys,” or “…but first, coffee.” Yes, those are the tees I am talking about. Seriously, it is a trend. In this same category are cartoon-ish motifs on tees and sweatshirts. Sounds pretty juvenile?  Well, you are right. But, if you embrace a personal style that is a little artistic and kitschy…you might want to give it a try!

Key to doing the trend right:  Be careful not to wear this trend like your 10 year-old would. In other words, skip pairing the tee with jeans and Converse. To wear this style in a grown-up way, pull it back with a cute, feminine full skirt and a blazer jacket, and then finish with your favorite stilettos and pearls!

The Trend – Shirtdress

Think of a men’s button up shirt that you are wearing as a dress.  That is the shirt dress trend of the season. This is a fun look that is easily dressed up for the office, or dressed down for a day at the ballpark. This ultimate trend in this look is seen in a banker stripe (blue and white). Look for a fashion forward style in your shirtdress; maybe with an asymmetric hem or some other interesting details.

Key to doing the trend right: Many shirtdresses are made of a sheer fabric.  In other words, it can be see-through. Be sure to wear a slip underneath! The shirtdress can also be worn over leggings and a tank top as a jacket. Pull on your shirtdress with a basic blazer or with some fun bold floral pumps for a night out. Keep all of your accessories fun and brightly colored to avoid looking frumpy.

The Trend – Colors!

Color trends are always big news in fashion, and this season is no exception. Color themes seem to fall into a few slots: all things blue, all things pink, and all things khaki. In the blue box you will see Island Paradise (a light blue that reminds me of Tiffany blue), Niagara Blue (denim blue) and Lapis Blue (that great bright blue that everyone looks great in). In the pink category, we see Pale Dogwood (very pale cosmetic/blush pink) and Pink Yarrow (bright tulip pink). And for the khaki theme, Kale (dark army green), Greenery (grass green), Hazelnut (fancy name for khaki) and Primrose Yellow (sunshine yellow…yes, that is considered a neutral this season).  To round out this season’s color palate is a hue called Flame (an orange red).

Key to doing the trend right: The upside to color trends this season is there is something for everyone. If you have very soft coloring, you’ll love wearing Pale Dogwood and Hazelnut. If your natural coloring is deeper, Pink Yarrow might be your go-to this season. If you have blue or hazel eyes…I am jealous!  These blues and greens are going to be stunning on you!


Interesting Color Combinations for YOUR style personality: As we see all of the fashionable colors of the season, try some new color combinations in your day-to-day look that match your own personal style.

  • Chic – if your style personality is chic, try mixing a monochromatic palate of Kale and Greenery with black. Or, try Pale Dogwood and Pink Yarrow with black accessories.
  • Retro Bohemian – if you love the 70’s Coachella feel we’ve seen in fashion the past few years, try monochromatic Kale and Greenery with Pink Yarrow.
  • Simple Sophisticated – if your style file is a bit simple, you love basic pieces try mixing Hazelnut with Island Paradise and a touch of Primrose Yellow.
  • Sassy Vibe – if you love to get attention for your outfit choices, and aren’t scared to take chances try pairing Pale Dogwood with Kale and Flame

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