Classic Christmas Traditions to Keep

Haul out the holly! It’s that time of year when everyone is brimming with good cheer. Christmas should be a time when we relax with loved ones and enjoy traditions that go back centuries. If you’re the type of person who loves carolers singing and sleigh bells jingling, you’re going to enjoy this list of classic Christmas traditions that will make your home warm, cozy and jolly!

Hearth Matters

If you have a fireplace, now is the time to gather around it! One of the best places to decorate is the mantel. Whether you choose to adorn your mantel with a simple evergreen garland or go all out with glittery swags and bows, be sure to treat this area as a focal point. Even if your house doesn’t have a hearth, create the same effect by clustering groups of pillar candles on the coffee and dining tables. There’s something about coming in out of the cold and cozying up near candlelight that makes this time of year feel special.

Christmas Cookies

Nothing says “Christmas” like an assortment of freshly baked cookies. Cookie baking brings you together with friends and family, setting the stage for lasting memories. Sitting out a tray of cookies during the winter holidays is also an ideal way to make your home feel cozy and welcoming. Classics like gingerbread men and sugar cookies of festive shapes look great. Don’t forget to make some for Santa!

Go Natural

There is nothing like a real Christmas tree. The fragrant needles give off a lovely scent that helps add to the festive atmosphere. The unmistakable look of fresh garland and wreaths also transport you back to holiday traditions of years past. If you’re not able to get a real tree, consider purchasing evergreen-scented candles to give off that holiday aroma.

Welcome Wreath

Be sure your home is holiday ready by hanging a beautiful wreath on the front door. This tradition lets guests know that you’re in the holiday spirit and they are welcome to come in and join you!

Deck the Halls

Take a tip from traditional Christmas films and be sure to hang a bit of holly and mistletoe in a prominent location. If you plan to entertain, why not snap photos of guests kissing under the mistletoe and share the snaps on social media with a special hashtag created just for your party.

Edible Arrangements

A long standing Christmas tradition is to decorate with certain food. Creating a gingerbread house is a great way to bring the family together and enjoy some tasty treats too! While candy canes are a popular choice for holiday decor, people in Victorian times also used dried oranges, pomegranates, cloves, and cinnamon sticks to adorn their trees and tabletops. Not only do these items conjure up images of Christmas past, they also fill the house with a spicy citrus scent.

String Garland

This is a fun tradition to do with kids or your partner. Turn on a classic Christmas film and make your own garlands to hang. String popcorn and cranberry garlands to hang outdoors for the birds to eat or create paper snowflake garlands to hang inside.

Nutty Nutcrackers

Any traditional holiday home is not complete without a bowl of nuts on the coffee table and a nutcracker beside it. A beautiful display in its own right, it’s also fun to crack chestnuts while sipping on something warm like mulled wine or hot chocolate.

Light It Up

Even if you’re not the type to go all out with Christmas lights, try to do a little something outdoors. With the long dark winter nights and dim mornings, having even just one shrub or tree decorated with lights can make your home festive and beautiful. You may even simply hang some icicle lights around the front porch to create a warm welcome.

Warm Wishes

Display holiday cards that you receive from friends. Set them out on a tray in the entryway or tuck pretty ones into the frames of mirrors. It’s a great way to remember the many wonderful friends and family who thought enough to send a card.

Snuggle Up

Keep plenty of soft blankets and throws out so that everyone can have their own to snuggle up in on a cold winter night. The small gesture of offering guests a luxurious throw to wrap around their shoulders or lay over their lap will set you apart as a thoughtful hostess.

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