Women to Watch Class of 2016: Shaun McAllister

Elementary Physical Education Teacher/High School Volleyball Coach at Elkhart Community Schools-Mary Beck Elementary

Shaun McAllister’s love of Volleyball took her to the University of Indianapolis where she played on a full scholarship and graduated with a Criminal Justice degree. She wanted to take that into a school setting and help as many children as she could, that were in need. Shaun wanted to be in a school where she could be that person to build their character, self-esteem and help them succeed when they felt that their environment/circumstances held them back. She has been teaching at Mary Beck for seven years as a Physical Education Teacher. During this time, Shaun has coached volleyball and track at Elkhart Memorial High School, coached numerous NIVA volleyball club and travel teams. She has organized and ran Biggest Loser Competitions in her school and other surrounding schools. These competitions have lost as much as 220 pounds in a four month period. She worked out around 10-15 fellow teachers, helped them with nutrition guidelines and overall health and wellness. Shaun is definitely a people pleaser and finds much joy in others happiness. She thinks this is why she does the things that she does. Shaun has two beautiful children that she adores and her drive in life comes from them.

Charitable Oganizations:

Elkhart Community Schools Health Promotions Team

Favorite TV Show:

Law & Order: SVU

Favorite Book:

Brown Bear, Brown Bear :)

Favorite Dessert:

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

What type of SASSY shoe would you be?

Neon Nike running shoe

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