Women to Watch Class of 2016: Noelle Elliott

Publicist, Writer and works at University of Notre Dame

Noelle Gunn Elliott is from South Bend. She received her BA from Loyola Marymount, Los Angeles in Theatre and returned to South Bend. She works for the Department of Music at the University of Notre Dame. She also is a contributing writer for Sassy and Family Magazines. She owns an award winning blog, bowchicabowmom.com and is the creator of The Mamalogues, a staged performance which has sold out audiences three years in a row. She lives with her husband and four sons.

Charitable Organizations:

Several Arts committees as well as Clay Church. The Mamalogues has donated over $3000 towards selected charities since 2012.

Favorite TV Show:

Orange is the New Black

Favorite Book:

I love anything by David Sedaris. Bossy Pants was hysterical. I do like more serious novels like Fifty Shades too. Just kidding, kind of. I adored Unbroken by Lauren Hillendbrand.

Favorite Beauty Product:

I love Sonia Kashnuk tinted moisturizer!

What type of SASSY shoe would you be?

A wedge. I like the sound of it, and it is a very well rounded shoe. Most everyone can feel comfortable in it. It is unassuming and fun and can be professional or sexy when you want it to be.

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