Women to Watch Class of 2016: Gail Ann Hickey

Owner/President at The Bend Executive Shuttle LLC

Gail Ann Hickey started The Bend Executive Shuttle, a woman owned and operated executive shuttle service, after completing the SPARK Program at Saint Mary's College. The SPARK Program is designed to assist woman develop their own companies. While driving a taxicab for several years, Gail discovered there was a need for an executive shuttle service that provided expanded customer service for personal and professional clientele. Her clientele wanted to be able to book in advance knowing that they could depend on reliable and professional service whether it was to be shuttled to and from local destinations or to out-of-state destinations. Recently, because of her affiliation with Saint Mary's College, Gail received the opportunity to provide transportation for woman students enrolled in their international summer program entitled SUSI. Over a several week period, she provided transportation for a group of woman enrolled in the program from Amman Jordan. Because of their negative experiences they had in their company with male taxicab drivers, they developed their own women owned taxicab service based on my company entitled "She Cab.” Gail is very honored that she and her business could have such a strong impact on them. Gail looks forward to continuing to expand and develop her company while continuing to provide excellent personal transportation services.

Favorite TV Show:

Shark Tank and, of course, Downton Abbey.

Favorite Book:

Any “how-to” books!

Favorite Dessert:

Peppermint Ice Cream

Favorite Beauty Product:

Mary Kay Time Wise Repair Regimen

What type of SASSY shoe would you be?
Wedge Boot: Practical and Stylish

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