Women to Watch Class of 2016: Christine Caron Gebhardt

Director of the Gender Relations Center at University of Notre Dame

Although Christine Caron Gebhardt has worked in a variety of institutions (hospitals, elementary schools, churches and universities), her life's passion as an educator is to help people discern how their values inform their life decisions. She is interested in building communities of justice and forming collaborations among a diversity of people. For four years, Christine has worked at the University of Notre Dame's Gender Relations Center. Their mission is to support students as they form healthy and safe relationships with different people throughout their lives. It is so rewarding to see students connect with one another! There are challenging times when discussions center on relationship violence and sexual assault. But, Christine has found that when working together, people can accomplish amazing things.

Charitable Organizations:

St. Joseph Catholic Grade School Board and St. Joseph Catholic Church Pastoral Council

Favorite TV Show:


Favorite Book:

Pride and Prejudice

Q9: Favorite dessert:

Boston Cream Pie

What type of SASSY shoe would you be?
A camouflage stiletto! Classic and professional for appropriate settings but willing to have fun. And, when needed, can serve a different purpose in order to accomplish certain tasks.

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