Women To Watch Class of 2016: Erin Hurst, MS, RDN, CD, CPT

Owner of Erin Hurst Nutrition and Wellness

Erin Hurst, MS, RDN, CD, CPT is a registered dietitian and certified personal enthusiastic about supporting those seeking to improve their quality of life and manage struggles with hormone imbalances, adrenal and autoimmune disorders; and food intolerances. She uses a real food approach, rooted in the belief that food is a primary contributor to health. Her ongoing studies in science foster an understanding of why specific foods affect how we feel, move and think. Erin also believes that fitness and movement help us manage physical and emotional wellbeing in unique ways. While food and fitness are integral components of wellness, without fun, we are not likely to keep thriving and living well. Whether we sing, garden, paddle down a river, play on a swing set, drink wine with friends or jump out of airplanes, what we do to have fun improves our health exponentially. Erin is a testament to these wellness beliefs. She overcame adrenal fatigue, learned to balance her hormones, healed her gut and has competed in a variety of endurance sports. Erin moved to the Michiana area two years ago where she enjoys every morsel of food guilt-free, every workout with gusto and every lazy day in peace.

Favorite TV Show:

The Voice

Favorite Dessert:

Dark Chocolate

Favorite Beauty Product:

Favorite Make-up Brand = Tarte Favorite Skin Care Products = Essential Oils and Coconut Oil

What type of SASSY shoe would you be?

Red Patent Leather Ballet Flats - Shiny, Bold, Easy to Move Around in and Goes with Everything

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