Tieal Bishop - Woman to Watch Class of 2015

CEO/Executive Director at A Rosie Place/O'Hara Heritage Foundation

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Tieal Bishop was part of a small group of professionals who came together in 2003 whose mission was to empower families of children who are medically fragile. She was not
only one of those minds but became the driving force to see this dream accomplished. Representing parents of medically fragile children was only one major characteristic that made Tieal so successful! Her passion and drive harnessed enough support to make that dream a reality – to dream, build and open the first free standing specialty hospital in
Indiana designed for the growing number families of children who are medically fragile. A Rosie Place opened its doors in 2011, inviting these children to come and stay overnight for short periods of time, thus allowing their parents the precious gift of time in hopes of improving their quality of life and other relationships outside the constant demands of caring for such special children. Tieal knows firsthand the challenges these parents face and has sought to become the voice that represents the over 2,000 families in our Michiana area.

Just In A Day's Work: 

What do you love about your job?
I see it as a privilege and I never lose sight of that. I wake up every morning feeling honored to be engaging with the most generous people of our community and wonder what new adventure will I get to participate in next.
What was your first job?
At 15, I started working in a fish market in Delray Beach, Florida. Slinging, fileting and hauling 100 pound crates of fish instills a certain work ethic - despite the smell at the end of the day.
Who inspires you professionally?
My father! He loves people and their stories about life; this love we share I learned from him, and in my line of work - it’s a perfect match!
Do you have a professional mentor? How have they helped you succeed?
The President of our Board of Directors, Dr. Bunmi Okanlami. She saw my potential and believed in me, and continues even to this day. I strive to be more like her, as her commitment to the investment and service of others is none like any I have met
along the way.
What does a typical workday look like for you?
No day is typical - priority is precedent. As a single mom of three spirited children, I start and end my day with them. In between, my hair is a mess from changing so many hats! From addressing daily operational questions, talking with families about life's challenges, taking intentional steps to execute the vision of our strategic plan, grant writing and development, event planning and building relationships with volunteers and donors all while running a hospital!

The Balancing Act: 

What does “success” mean to you?
Improving the life of another. If I can do that, I nailed success!
What’s your best secret to “having it all?"
When I work, I work hard and when it's time to live my life, I let it go and live it. When I first started this career, I asked a 72-year-old successful business man and philanthropist, "From your years of experience, what do I need to know today at 30 that you know now at 72?” With a sincere look in his eye he said, "I would have spent more days loving on my family then loving my career."
What is your favorite non-work activity or hobby?
Seeking an adventure that would make a memory with those I love.
How do you stay organized?
I take every day one at a time!
What is your favorite form of stress relief?
A bubble bath!

10 SASSY Facts About Tieal Bishop:

Favorite TV Show:
Favorite Book:
My Bible
Favorite Dessert:
Banana Foster
Biggest Pet Peeve:
People not living up to their full potential - we all have it in us but it’s ultimately our choice to let it shine!
What did you want to be as a kid growing up?
A mermaid!
What do you and your family enjoy doing on the weekends?
Working in the yard, making a delicious meal and finding new adventures.
What is your go-to weekend style?
Barefoot with my hair pulled up in a messy bun.
What’s your go-to and in-office beauty style?
Black and diamonds! You can never go wrong with diamonds!
What makes you feel the SASSIEST?
When I am being most authentic. I love facing a challenge with a smile that says, “I got this.”
If you were a shoe, describe what you would be and why?
I would be a fancy pointed cowboy boot because life is a two-step!

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