Jessica Baron - Woman to Watch Class of 2015

Outreach and Communications Coordinator at Reilly Center for Science, Technology and Values & Director of Media and Engagement at History of Science Society

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Jessica Baron is the Outreach and Communications Coordinator at Notre Dame's Reilly Center for Science, Technology and Values and the Director for Media and Engagement for the History of Science Society. She is also the founder and organizer of the South Bend Science Cafe. She was recently appointed a Concurrent Assistant Professor of History at Notre Dame and teaches courses on the history of medicine. She completed her PhD in the History and Philosophy of Science Program at Notre Dame,
researching Florence Nightingale and her work on public health in British India. From 2011-2013, she was the Managing Editor for the journal Studies in History and Philosophy
of Science. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, helping out at her friends' vineyard and sci-fi television shows. Jessica is an aspiring writer.

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