Jan Lazzara - Woman to Watch Class of 2015

Real Estate Broker at Cressy and Everett Real Estate

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Jan Lazzara is the top selling Real Estate Broker for Cressy & Everett as well as the top selling broker in St. Joseph County since 2007. In addition to being licensed in Indiana, Jan is also licensed in Michigan and a top producing real estate agent there as well. Her early experience started working with her father in the family owned water softener
business. This is where she learned exceptional negotiating skills as well as the importance of caring and communication. During Jan’s 15 years as a realtor, she has also been a community advocate. Jan’s free time has included supporting the Women's Care Center as well as the Center for the Homeless. With her passion for dancing and caring for others, Jan has repeatedly raised thousands and thousands of dollars for those worthwhile organizations.

Just In A Day's Work: 

How did you choose your line of work?
After exceeding expectations in the water softener business, many trusted friends and family felt that I would be the perfect fit for selling real estate.
Who inspires you professionally?
My father! He taught me that the key to success is communication, compassion and God who gives me the strength every day to move forward!
What are some of the obstacles (if any) you have faced as a woman in your workplace?
In my early stages, I basically worked 24/7. I am so grateful that I had my mother to help and my children, (Brian and Angela) the loves of my life, that understood and completely supported me, never complaining once about my very long hours.
What is your single best piece of advice for women in business?
Surround yourself with only positive influences to stay positive and energized! Keep your relationship with God very strong.
Do you have a professional mentor? How have they helped you succeed?
In my early years it was definitely my father. In my early real estate career, a much respected realtor who has since past was very kind to take me under his care and give
me invaluable knowledge. Half way through my career, I was very fortunate to be introduced in a group with many of the top realtors in the United States that was called "Star Power" started by the recently passed Howard Britton. I have since befriended many members of this amazing group and contribute much of my success to being a member.

The Balancing Act: 

What does “success” mean to you?
Nothing is more gratifying than seeing my client's excitement and enthusiasm at the closing table. That to me is success! I love making my clients dreams "come true!"
What’s your best secret to “having it all?"
Knowing how to maintain the perfect balance between working hard and spending time with my family.
What is your favorite non-work activity or hobby?
I love dancing. I started to dance as therapy from the loss of my father as he had always told me he thought I would make a wonderful dancer.
What is your favorite form of stress relief?
My 5 a.m. morning workout at Knollwood CC.

10 SASSY Facts About Jan Lazzara:

Favorite TV Show:
Dancing With The Stars
Favorite Book:
"The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne and My bible
Favorite Scented Candle:
Favorite Beauty Product:
Lipstick! I don't leave home without it.
Biggest Pet Peeve:
What do you think makes up a Sassy woman?
Woman that can strike the exceptional balance between work, family and a strong faith in God.
What did you want to be as a kid growing up?
Doctor or an Attorney
What makes you feel the SASSIEST?
The feeling I get when I have put together what seemed to be an almost impossible deal to make my clients dream home a reality!
What was your first job?
National Bank in Downtown South Bend
If you were a shoe, describe what you would be and why?
High heeled open toe sandals because it says "I'm classy and fun!"

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