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Wilma McDougle is the Manger of b on The River Bakery & Café. Prior to joining b on the River in August, Wilma worked for three years in the advertising department at the Elkhart Truth, handling major and national accounts. Preceding her advertising years, Wilma served as the credit and collection manager for over thirteen years at The Truth and as the credit and collection manager for 8 years at Shelter/Thunander Corporation.

A new start
Wilma manages a team of 15 employees at b on The River, a charming café, bakery and gift shop that overlooks the Elkhart River. b on The River recently purchased SugaRush desserts, well known for creating unique edible art and amazing wedding and birthday cakes. As the Manager for b on the River, Wilma loves being able to offer the residents and visitors of Elkhart County quality food, gifts and service, all the while adding to the positive growth in downtown Elkhart. “I love making a difference in the b on the River experience,” Wilma describes. “I love helping a client find the perfect gift or watching a family enjoy quality time on our patio or near our cozy fireplace.”
Although Wilma has only been working as the manager for b on The River for a few months, she is already making a difference. For instance, Wilma shares that just recently, a local businessman approached her to thank her for her hard work. “He shared that the food and service was the best it has ever been,” says Wilma proudly. 
And b on The River would have to agree. “It is a joy to have Wilma taking the lead at b on the River,” says Liz Naquin Borger. “She is a delight to all, from co-workers to café guests to shoppers, all are met with Wilma’s warm smile and dedication to customer service. Wilma led [the recent] merger beautifully, which is not a surprise as she came to b on the River with a wonderful business background.  She also has welcomed lots of new customers thanks to many wonderful contacts from her years of community activities.” 
A day in the life of this Sassy woman
A typical workday for Wilma begins at 5:45 am, when she does boot camp for her workout. She is into work by 8:00 am, where she works on administrative functions in the morning, works the lunch rush to assist with orders or shoppers, followed by inventory, emails, calls or additional administrative duties. After her shift, she’s off to pick up her youngest son from practice or head off to one of his games.
In the community
Wilma recently joined the 4H fair food drive committee and is a member of Women in Business, and past Goshen Chamber Ambassador and Elkhart Junior Women's Club member. 
Wilma’s children are Ryan (28), Jake (25) and his lovely wife Chelsea and Drew, who is 13. Wilma has been married to Dale for 30 years and they reside in Elkhart. She is currently pursuing her degree in business.

Sassy Facts About Wilma: 

Best piece of business advice?
Focus on what your talents are, find others that have strength in my weaknesses, from Coach Charrise. [Sidenote: Wilma considers Charrise to be her personal mentor and says, “Coach Charrise has encouraged me to follow my heart, listen to God's plan and to look a situations in a totally different way, often digging deeper to find the root of fear or gaining the courage to take risks!”]
Guilty pleasure?
Chocolate, wine, shopping with friends.
First job:
Delivering the South Bend Tribune. (Sorry, Brandon!)
Favorite TV show? 
It was “What Not To Wear.” So sad it’s not on anymore!
Favorite candle scent:
Sugar cookies.
Favorite dessert:
Anything chocolate.
What’s your go-to office style?
Heels and black slacks.
Favorite beauty product?
Lip gloss.
What did you want to be growing up?
Nurse or a Teacher.
Favorite book:
My Bible.
What’s in your purse right now?
Wallet, coupons, lipstick, lip gloss, cell phone and business cards. 
What does success mean to you?
Enjoying a strong, loving relationship with my family and friends and making a positive impact within the community that I work and live in.
How do you “have it all?”
Making time for myself, God and my family and friends. Working hard, always striving to do my best.
What’s your #1 secret to success?
When that inner self is telling you it's time to make changes, follow it—you’ll be happier for it.
How do you stay organized?
I'm still trying to perfect this one. First thing in the morning, I make a list of the top 5 things I must accomplish before my day ends.
What is your definition of a Sassy woman?
Confidence in self and the desire to make a difference for others.


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