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A graduate of Indiana University, Tina McLean is the Director of Senior Yoga - Solace Yoga Studio, where she teaches people yoga to people over 50 years of age.  
Meeting a need
Prior to her work in yoga, Tina was in the insurance industry for 28 years and served as the President of Riverwalk Insurance Solutions. Tina decided to get involved in the yoga movement after talking with her daughter, who owns Solace Yoga Studio. “ We realized that there was a need for someone to teach the more mature people in the community,” Tina explains. “We discussed it and I became certified to teach Seniors and became a Certified Yoga Instructor.” Tina doesn’t consider her work with the studio as a job, but rather a celebration of life. The studio offers many kinds of Yoga, including Hatha, Kripalu, Yin and Hot Yoga.
Never a bad day
Tina loves her celebration of life career so much that she maintains that it is “impossible” for her to have a bad day at work. “This type of work is so rewarding, it is not possible to have a worst day,” says Tina emphatically. Tina says she loves Yoga because she gets to share the gift of yoga with others. “I am able to see the changes that occur when older people start moving again,” she explains. “They are able to gain freedoms such as traveling again and being able to go out with friends. Yoga creates an atmosphere of like-minded people and they are very happy.”
Making a difference
In addition to her work at the studio, Tina is particularly proud of her involvement with the local Assisted Living Facilities, where she often goes to teach yoga classes to the residents. “I work with a lot of people in wheel chairs and people that are disabled from strokes,” explains Tina. “I get a lot of hugs when I go to the facilities. Many of these people have not seen anyone from their family or gotten a hug from anyone. I make sure they get them. I am blessed beyond words to see the improvement that one hour a week doing Yoga can make for a senior. I get a lot of ‘God bless you for doing this.’ That means the world to me, because I believe for a little while I am making a difference for someone that has been forgotten.”
Inspiring others
Tina is an inspiration to many other sassy women in the community. “Tina is an amazing woman and the only person specializing in Senior Yoga in this community,” comments one of her nominators, her daughter, Liz Nierzwicki. “Tina is retired but started her second career in Senior Yoga in 2012. Tina is an amazing asset to my team and she always goes above and beyond to help her students feel comfortable and safe. She works so hard to make these older people feel good and part of a community again.” 
Outside of her role at the yoga studio, Tina enjoys walking, swimming, reading and traveling.
Tina has three grown children and has been married to Ronnie for 3 and ½ years. They are the proud parents of one fur baby, a Pomeranian dog. Tina is mother to Lisa and Misty, who are both 41, Jerry, 39 and Liz, 35. She is also a grandmother to seven grandchildren.  


Sassy Facts About Tina:

Best piece of business advice?
It is an asset to be a woman in a man's world. Act like a woman, not a man.
Guilty pleasure?
Favorite TV show?
Undercover Boss.
Favorite candle scent:
Favorite dessert:
Triple chocolate cake.
What’s your go-to office style?
Yoga Pants and Yoga Top.
Favorite beauty product?
Mary Kay products. 
Favorite book:
"The Wisdom of Yoga."
Name 5 things in your purse right now?
Cell phone, wallet, lipstick, perfume and money. 
What does success mean to you?
Helping other people reach their goals.
What’s your #1 secret to success?
How do you stay organized?
I don't take on so many projects anymore. [And I have a] housekeeper.
What is your definition of a Sassy woman?
She is a highly-motivated person that is not afraid to accept challenges when they arise. She loves people and is willing to open herself up to others. She is community-oriented.

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