Jessica Garretson - Woman to Watch Class of 2014

Meet Jessica, Sassy's Cover Girl and voted "Fan Favorite" of the 2014 Class of Women to Watch!

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Jessica Garretson is the Marketing Coordinator for the law firm Jones Obenchain, LLP, a position that she has held for two years. Before joining Jones Obenchain, Jessica worked as the Operations Manager for a telecommunications company.
A dedicated employee
It’s easy to see that Jessica is proud of the law firm where is she an employee. “Jones Obenchain is a law firm that has been open since 1906,” Jessica explains. “Several of the employees have worked here for over ten years with the longest celebrating 57 years. As you can imagine, working together for so long, everyone becomes more like a family than just a company. We have very skilled partners who cover almost every area of practice you could need legal assistance with and several that have a special interest in legal writing, which sets Jones Obenchain apart from other law firms.”
That family feeling includes Jessica as well. Jones Partner Brian Kubicki says, “It didn’t take Jones Obenchain long to recognize the value Jessica brings to the firm. Although she was brought on to assist our bookkeeper, Jessica was soon helping with our IT needs and file-management system. But it’s her marketing efforts that have had the greatest impact. What started with Jessica making some tweaks to our website soon became her sitting on our marketing committee and eventually filling a new position as marketing coordinator."
New skills
"In this technology-driven age, Jessica has gotten us noticed on Facebook and LinkedIn, improved our website and encouraged our attorneys to better understand how they—and the firm—are viewed in cyberspace," Brian continues. "She is motivated by the need to improve the firm and tackles problems with enthusiasm and energy. But she doesn’t wait for us to bring her issues, she proactively identifies ways we could be better and offers solutions before we ask for them. Jones Obenchain is proud to have Jessica on our team and thrilled that others have recognized her as someone with a bright future in our community.”
As the Marketing Coordinator for Jones Obenchain, Jessica wears many hats. She handles daily accounting and bookkeeping transactions and technology-based projects, as well as creates marketing content and handles social media and the company’s website. She also works on the operational efficiency of the company. “I absolutely love the people that I get to work with,” gushes Jessica.  “They are all a caring and talented bunch. More than that, I love my job because it is very diverse; I encounter something different everyday, and I am always still learning. I am a nerd in that I have a love for numbers and ‘balancing’ [in a way] that only people in accounting really understand, but I also love being able to solve people’s technology issues.”
Having it all
A working mother of five, Jessica is no stranger to the struggles of balancing work and home. “As a woman, and a mother, I've faced obstacles mostly with time when needed by my children at the same time [I am] needed for work or wanting to be present for something for work,” Jessica recounts. However, she also cites her children as one of her biggest inspirations to keep going. “I am inspired by my children, my family and friends to work my hardest and    
to my potential in hopes of achieving a higher-paying career to reward and support them as well,” she says. 
Learning to listen
Jessica remembers the best piece of business advice that she has received from a consultant that she worked with, who told her, "You don't know, what you don't know." “I took it as motivation and advice to be open to listen and learn,” says Jessica. “It is so very true and has stuck with me now throughout my career. If I ever think I know it all about a situation or know best, I try even harder to listen, because of the fact that ‘I don't know what I don't know,’ but I do know that I can definitely learn!”
As a Sassy Woman to Watch, Jessica shines beyond her role at work. “I have known Jessica for 15+ years,” says one nominator. “I'm always amazed at how she is always so positive, never putting anyone down; she is someone you can always count on to be there and to build you up. [She is] beautiful on the outside as well [and] I would consider her to be classy–she is always well-dressed, high heels and all!”
Outside of work, Jessica maintains a passion for physical fitness and exercise and recently received her spinning instructor certification. She is looking forward to continuing in her fitness instruction journey. Jessica is the mother to Blake, 11 Camri, 10, Alexis, 7, Landon, 5 and Braelynn, 2. Jessica and her family live in Elkhart.

Sassy Facts About Jessica:

Best piece of business advice?
My single best piece of advice for women would be to find a career that you are happy in or feel a sense of accomplishment with and don't settle for anything less!
Guilty pleasure?
My guilty pleasure would definitely be sweets! I eat a lot of them…
Favorite quote:
You have time for what you make time for. I know there are only 24 hours in a day, but what is most important to you, will get done if you plan it in! 
Favorite book:
“The 5 Love Languages.” What a great way to look at loving people and making them happy...I believe in it wholeheartedly!
Favorite candle scent:
Fresh Cotton—love the "clean" smells.
What’s your go-to office style?
Pencil skirt, blouse, heels and makeup to match my outfit!
Favorite weekend style?
Cropped yoga pants, tank top/flowing yoga top.
Favorite beauty product?
Beauticontrol instant manicure.
Favorite stress relief?
Exercise! It's the only time my brain turns completely off!
Favorite dessert:
Birthday cake ice cream ....YUMMY!
What does success mean to you?
Success to me is accomplishing the goals you have set out for yourself. Daily, weekly, yearly and in life!
Name five items in your purse right now:
Chapstick, wallet, hand sanitizer, hand lotion and tweezers.
What’s your #1 secret to success?
I think staying organized, planning ahead and constantly revisiting and refocusing on goals, but at the same time having patience to take it day by day to reach those goals. Not always easy, but you can do it!
What is your definition of a Sassy woman?
I think a Sassy Woman is made up of compassion, intelligence, confidence and a definite passion for style.

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