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Christine Griggs-Huppert has worked as the Service Center Manager at the Teachers Credit Union in Mishawaka, the largest credit union in the state of Indiana, for over 27 years. Christine assumed her position as Manager at the Credit Union after serving as Assistant Manger for only six months.

Although Christine admits that she was “scared” when she was first asked to manage her branch, advice from Dale Strzelecki, the Assistant Vice President for the Teachers Credit Union helped her immensely. “I was told, ‘Believe in yourself! I can teach technical skills, but I can't teach the ability to manage people. You have what it takes!’" recounts Christine.  
A Job Well Done
And apparently, that advice was right—Christine has gone on to do her job, and do it well, with her branch being awarded the President's Award for the Top Branch of 2012. “I love my job,” says Christine. “There are so many reasons. I am proud to say that I have an awesome team that works very hard to make my service centers successful. I enjoy the time I spend with students at the schools we serve. Most of all, I love making a difference in the lives of our members.”
Before becoming the Manager at the Teachers Credit Union, Christine worked as a travel consultant for over 18 years. She is a Certified Travel Consultant and also has experience in retail. 
Christine prides herself on being a team leader who creates a positive environment for her staff. She is proud to be part of an organization that allows her to reach out to schools and charitable organizations and looks forward to her work getting out in the community to help others pave the road for their financial futures. “As a manager and a team member, Chris Griggs-Huppert understands the value of team. Chris genuinely enjoys working with and helping people. She obtains great satisfaction in seeing her team members succeed and grow professionally and personally as well as working with her members to help make their financial situation even better than today,” says Christine’s Divisional Manager, Debbie Goffeney.   
All In A Day's Work
A typical workday for Christine centers on meeting the needs of her customers and staff. 
“I manage two service centers in Granger with a staff of 19 people,” Christine explains. “I move between my branches as needed each day and spend a great deal of time working with TCU members to help meet their needs either in-person or on a follow-up call.” She also meets regularly with her staff and spends time coaching them or at local schools giving financial literacy or interview etiquette presentations as well.
Positive Thinking
Although she occasionally encounters situations with customers that aren’t always positive, Christine always looks for a way to spin a negative into a positive. She says she considers those negative encounters as “challenges.” 
“[I consider those encounters] a challenge to dig in to what the issue may be and turn it into a positive for that member,” Christine explains. “I believe it's all about listening and showing empathy.”
As a certified “Sassy” woman, Christine is also involved in her community, of course. Christine helped to start the "Granger Ladies Club" in 2010, where she served as President. “Our motto was, ‘The GLC, giving TLC to the community’’, recounts Christine. She is also a member of Goodwill supporter and a member of the Granger Business Association. 
Christine believes in the power of women helping women. For instance, Christine is mentored by Debbie Goffeney. “She is an amazing woman who wears several hats very well,” says Christine. “She is the best listener I know. She is always available, no matter how busy she is. She never makes me feel like I am bothering her. Most of all, she is always willing to lend advice and let me bounce new ideas off of her.” And with all of her Sassy woman behind her, she hopes to climb the career ladder by following in Debbie’s footsteps to become a Regional Manager at TCU. (Somehow, we have full faith that she will succeed!)   
Christine is married to Dean and has two sons, Zach (23) and Josh, who is 31. Outside of work, Christine enjoys running, spinning and spending time with family and friends.

Sassy Facts About Christine:

What was your first job?
I worked as a life guard during the summers at a kiddie pool
Best piece of business advice?
Do what you love. 
Guilty pleasure?
Enjoying a glass of wine with friends.
Favorite TV show?
The Voice.
Favorite candle scent:
Mediterranean Morning.
Favorite dessert:
Cheese and Crackers.
What’s your go-to office style?
A suit and heels. 
Favorite beauty product?
Victoria Secret lotions. 
What’s in your purse right now?
Debit card, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and a hairbrush.
What’s your #1 secret to success?
I create a "to do" list every day. I start the list while I am getting ready for work in the morning. I check things off as I go throughout my day.
What is your definition of a Sassy woman?
A strong, confident woman who is involved in the community she lives in.
If you were a Sassy shoe, what would you be and why?
A four-inch black pump. It just says “classy” to me!


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