Stephanie Krol - Woman to Watch Class of 2013

Founder, Stephanie Krol Public Relations


TITLE: Founder       
COMPANY: Stephanie Krol Public Relations

To pitching media to cover clients, from calming a protest at a major retailer as a spokesperson, to making the final preparations for a publicity stunt, Stephanie Krol Public Relations has no limits! When you need a seasoned public relations executive to jump in and go – look for us. We specialize in a variety of industries. However, there is one aspect that  all of our clients have in common: Stephanie Krol Public Relations only works and surrounds ourselves with smart people….we are proud to say for the last six years all of our clients are organizations making a difference in their community. 
Quick Look
Stephanie Krol's diverse background in public relations and marketing enables her to offer clients a wide range of expertise. In May 2006, with the belief that everything has a story, Stephanie took her years of experience and embarked on an adventure called Stephanie Krol Public Relations. Stephanie earned a Journalism degree from The Ohio State University.

I always knew I would be in a creative field or a journalist.

I started Stephanie Krol Public Relations after I moved to the Michiana area for my husband's job in the RV industry. I left a public relations agency in Chicago to form my own business. Now I have clients all over the country.

What does success looks like to you?  
Work Hard, Play Hard. Success is a balanced life for me. I love my family (friends that turned into family along the way, too) – especially thankful for Mark Krol (my husband) that always challenges me,  along with  my career and volunteer ventures. Success feels like you might have made things a little bit better for someone else at the end of the day. A friend recently sent a message and said I don't recall ever seeing someone love their job so much. This comment really touched me.
Do you serve on any charitable organizations' boards or committees?  
Humane Society of Elkhart County, Board President Public Relations Society of America (one of the youngest board presidents in the chapter's history), Chicago Chapter, Step Up Women's Network

I love to tell the story of entrepreneurs and help small businesses grow.
Two big ones: in Elkhart County, to do my best to  help raise money and build a new shelter for the Humane Society of Elkhart County. While I'm a volunteer there, this will use everything I’ve got in my professional toolbox! And to continue to help build the very best next generation of public relations professionals.

Best business advice you ever received and who gave it? "Work hard and they will notice." This advice is from my dad, Jack Feher, who is the hardest worker I know and helped instill a great work ethic into my brother and I. We were also raised to give more back than you have when it comes to others in need – it always comes back in other ways. Who professionally inspires you? Too many amazing women to list! My mom (Freida Feher), who didn't get to go to college but made sure I always had my eye on the prize. My very first boss in public relations is a big inspiration. Jane Van Bergen, who is now the director of PR at the Western Reserve Hospice in Cleveland taught me everything in PR.  However one of the best lessons was sometimes you just have to go with the flow but always be over-prepared. Gini Dietrich of Arment Dietrich in Chicago is another inspiration. She has an amazing blog called "Spin Sucks"and helped give me confidence to get paid for what I love doing! And, of course, Anne Reel, the director of the Humane Society of Elkhart County is another big source of inspiration.  She has an amazing leadership style. I have never felt so fulfilled as a volunteer. What is your biggest pet peeve? An unorganized work space – yes, I'm a "Type A" personality. What was your first job? My first job was at 15, working at a holiday toy store. It was so frustrating to build a mountain of toys and watch kids run into it and it all fall down. Ha! Where would you go on your dream vacation if cost and time were not a factor? Safari to South Africa! If you were to describe yourself as a shoe, what kind would you be and why? The timeless and classic 3-inch heel pump – it can be worn with nearly everything and any colors and never goes out of style.

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