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Your question will require an answer in general terms because of the complexity of health insurance and additional information would be needed on specific coverage’s available from both employers. There are two basis factors to consider: coverage and cost.

Coverage Consideration: If you enroll in your employer’s group plan, your employer’s health insurance would become your primary insurance and your husband's employers plan would become secondary. Depending on the plan design of each employer's plan there may or may not be a Coordination of Benefits. I would suggest that you contact both employers’ insurance carriers and secure written confirmation of the Standard Operating Procedure for Coordination of Benefits.

Cost Consideration: Employer’s in general are required by the health insurance contract to make a minimum contribution of 50% of the Employee Only rate. An employer may voluntarily decide to contribute any amount in excess of the minimum contribution up to 100% of the Employee Only rate. Generally there is no requirement for the employer to contribute to the dependent coverage.

The decision to elect secondary health insurance coverage is specific to the individuals set of circumstances. Electing secondary health insurance coverage while the right decision for some caution should be exercised in assuming or making an absolute statement that is always best to have secondary coverage if available.

Don Griffey, President

Hailey Campbell Benefits, Inc.

Currently the President of Hailey Campbell Benefits Inc., Don also serves as Vice President and Political Action Chair for the Greater Northern Indiana Chapter of the National Association of Health Underwriters ( Over the past four years much of Don’s time has been spent working on health care reform. With the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Don has been teaching courses for insurance agents, accountants and doctors on the components and impact of Healthcare Reform. Don obtained his life and health license in 2004 after having served as Director of Purchasing for Patriot Homes in Elkhart Indiana for 24 years. Don and his wife Pat reside in Elkhart Indiana, have five children, nine grandchildren and are active members of Faith United Methodist church in Elkhart.