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Fashion Questions and Answers

Fashion Trends What to Wear…if you dare Spring 2016 edition

from the April 2016 edition of Sassy Magazine

This season there are some definite HOT trends in the fashion world; things I am sure you will want to embrace and bring a slice of into your wardrobes. Many of today’s trends are carryovers from season’s past, and even years past. If you loved the 70’s, you are in luck!  If you prefer a more tailored, polished look, you are also in luck. 

The “balance of power” in fashion has us looming on both ends of the spectrum. The overall theme in trends this season is a feeling of opposites. Romantic frills and silhouette with a 70’s vibe balanced against a harsh and edgy feel inspired by 80’s-90’s street fashion. Here are 3 of the season’s fashion inspirational trends.

Embrace your inner Latin Dancer
Influence from Miami or a Latin feel in fashion is definitely prevalent this season.  As part of this trend we see layered ruffle skirts, off the shoulder and midriff baring tops with puffy sleeves and bold Spanish feeling prints.  Think flamenco skirt with an open midriff.   Specific notions of this trend include:
·   Prints, bold florals
·   Puffy Sleeves, sleeves that ARE the statement in the outfit
·   Slip dresses
·   Layered ruffles
·   Off the shoulder / bare shoulders
·   A-symmetric hemlines
·   Pom-pom trim and colorful embroidery and beading – especially in shoes

Key Piece in this Trend: the slip dress
What to Wear
If you love the idea of this trend, with its bold colors and romantic feel, be sure to pair your favorite pieces with something more structured; specifically the Slip Dress. By nature, this dress is borrowed from lingerie. Today’s slip dress is a bit more structured, but not much. You don’t want to look like you’ve walked out of the house wearing only your undergarments or nightgown, so pair this dress with the proper foundation garments to keep everything “in check”. Balance this sexy look with a structured jacket or sweater, and keep your footwear light and airy, like the dress.

Politics in Our Closets
Fashion trends mimic the state of world politics and the economy. Because this is such a politically charged year, it isn’t really that surprising we are seeing that influence in fashion.  Power suits are back with button front blouses. Stripes that have a nautical feel and finishing touches that reminds us of military hardware. The feel is all-American. Details that fit into the political influence trend include:
·         Suiting pieces – the power suit is back
·         Stripes, bold thicker stripes
·         Boxy Jackets
·         Button front shirts
·         All over denim (all Americana look)
·         Patriotic feel in color combinations (lots of red, white and blue)
·         Chunky, solid heels in footwear

Key Piece in this Trend: bold stripes and boxy jackets
What to Wear
The stripes of today’s trendsetters are bold, thick flag-like stripes. If you are a petite woman, be sure that the thickness of the stripe is in line with your stature. These thick stripes can be easily paired with florals for an up-beat look. Be sure to match intensity and hue of the colors. The boxy jacket when paired over a plunging neckline is a dramatic look that will turn any politico’s head. Be mindful of where the jacket hits on your silhouette so it doesn’t add width to your shape.

It’s the 70’s moving to 90’s…again
For several seasons we have seen the influence of the 70’s in the bohemian trend and fringe. Well, it seems it is here to stay and here in a huge way! The political trend feels very structured and planned, while the 70’s bohemian trend feels the exact opposite – unstructured and easy.  Lightweight, translucent fabrics, fringe and lace are paired with pieces that feel very 90’s with minimalism, a grunge feel and even fanny packs (yes, I said fanny packs). Pieces that play homage to this trend include:
·         Long earrings
·         Wide leg pants
·         Tie die
·         Cold Shoulder tops
·         Shine, shine and more shine – metallic fabrics and details
·         Maxi skirts and dresses
·         Oversized jackets and track suits
·         Strappy shoes, gladiator style sandals
·         Suede, especially in footwear

Key Piece in this Trend: open shoulder top
What to Wear
Cold shoulder or open shoulder tops are very sexy and should probably not be brought into the office. Be sure to wear your shoulder-baring top with the proper undergarments, be sure to check your top from the front, side and back. Try a stick on (strapless) bra with snap closure in the middle, and underwire support.  Many of the trendy open-shoulder tops have a blouson silhouette. Be sure to balance this shape with a slim pant or skirt, or ½ tuck your blouse to change the silhouette (tuck in the front of your shirt, leave the back untucked). Longer necklaces seem to work best with this style top.

A Final Word on This Season’s Trends…
There is so much cross over in trends this season, fashionistas can bring pieces from last spring/summer and easily transition them into this year’s wardrobes seamlessly.  Vintage thrift store finds will fit nicely into current styles, and buying a few key pieces won’t break the bank. When trying out these trends or fully embracing one of them, remember my “style-rule-of-thumb” in determining if a trend is for you; If you put something on and look in the mirror and feel a question coming over your thoughts, the answer is no!  Conversely, if you put something on look in the mirror and instantly smile, stand a little taller and say to yourself “oh yea!”, the answer is yes!

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